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WinSCP - Verzeichnisse Synchronisieren

Mit WinSCP ist es möglich Unterschiede zwischen lokalem Quell- und entferntem Zielverzeichnis abzugleichen.



Man gibt lokales Quell- und entferntes Zielverzeichnis an und wählt die entsprechenden Optionen.

Direction/Target directory

  • Both: In Both mode, both local and remote directories can be modified (both can act as both source and target).
  • Remote: Remote mode is the same as Local, just in an opposite direction: changes from the local directory (source) are applied to the remote directory (target). Only the remote directory is modified.
  • Local: With Local direction, changes from remote directory (source) are applied to local directory (target). Only the local directory is modified.


  • Synchronize files: With Synchronize files mode, files that are newer in a source directory than in a target directory are transferred to the target directory. Files in the source directory not present in the target directory are by default transferred as well (disable this using the option Existing files only). Files in the target directory not present in the source directory can optionally be deleted (enable option Delete files). In Both mode (see above), files not present in an opposite directory are considered new, hence they are transferred (unless Existing files only is enabled), but never deleted. In other words, in Both mode, no file is ever deleted.
  • Mirror files: With Mirror files mode, different (both newer and older) files in the source directory are transferred to the target directory. Otherwise the mode is the same as Synchronize files.
  • Synchronize timestamps: With Synchronize timestamps mode, timestamps of target files are updated to match timestamps of source files. It will not do any transfers, nor delete anything. Simply, whenever it finds the same file in both directories, it updates a timestamp of a target file to match the one of a source file. In Both mode, it always updates the older timestamp. The mode is available with SFTP protocol only.

Synchronize options

  • Delete files: The Delete files checkbox makes WinSCP delete files and subdirectories in target directory that are not present in a source directory. The option is not available for Both direction, because then such files and subdirectories are always considered as new and transferred into the opposite directory (unless Existing files only is checked). Deleted local files are moved to recycle bin if preference option Delete local files to recycle bin is enabled only.
  • Preview changes: The Preview changes checkbox makes WinSCP display synchronization checklist to allow you to further refine what changes you want to actually make.
  • Existing files only: The Existing files only checkbox makes WinSCP not to consider files and subdirectories not existing in an opposite directory as new. Such files and subdirectories will be ignored.
  • Selected files only: The Selected files only checkbox makes WinSCP synchronize only files and directories selected in any file panel. The option is not available, if no file or directory is selected.

Comparison criteriy

  • Modification time: With Modification time checked (default) two files are considered different when they have different timestamps.
  • Files size: With File size checked two files are considered different when they have different sizes. The option is not available with Both direction selected. When using the option, you should avoid text transfer mode as it may change the file size.

In diesem Beispiel spiegle ich das Flight Simulator Packages Verzeichnis mit den im oberen Screenshot gezeigten Einstellungen.